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I would prefer have a few points than llamas if you don't mind~ Because I don't really understand the utility of the llamas x'D

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(You may not read it entirely because it's long, I'm just talking about myself XDD)

There are some times when you wonder about yourself and can't help but make a list of all the things that please or upset you.
As for myself, here are the few things I gathered together in my mind about my artist's daily life and so... (what haha)

You may even recognize yourself it these... XD

What I love about my art is that I was able to draw ever since I could hold a pencil... in early elementary school (or even before, but I don't remember the pics I drew back then xD), I could already illustrate the lyrics sheets and poems we were given in class. I may not be as good as some other great artists here, but I'm happy and proud enough with what I do. Even if I'm not good with animals, cars/bus/motorcycles/any stupid vehicule... XDD I'm more or less ok with landscapes as long as they're not too complicated or detailed... Shame on me! XD Even though I'm in my 4th year in Art School (working at home), I still have basic difficulties such as these :'/ On the one hand, I'm not happy with my watercolor skills, on the other hand, I love my coffee paintings, which are basically the same things...! X'D (strange)

My way of inking/shading with colored pencils or doing lines has always been proper and neat, even my handwriting...! (I didn't know what to say when people came and read anything they could from me, just because I have a nice handwriting... O_O') My geography maps often had the best marks in highschool, my teacher was proud of me for this... as I wasn't as good in history even when I tried. (I'm sorry but what you taught us was just not interesting... I can't remember anything when I'm not into it...) It helped me too in all the subjects where they needed diagrams and such... (Science, physics and chemistry :heart: Oooh I missed you so much during my literary years T^T)

I'm so happy about being able to draw my own illustrations for the stories I write or read :heart: even if they're not that beautiful in the end~ I'm just glad to have them drawn by myself XDD


[My little secret...]
It's been a while since I stopped creating my own little comics (that you'll never see HAHAHA sorry XDDD they're my little private treasures :heart: ) When I was still in middle school/early highschool, each summer, I used to invent a story and make a small comic of it. I'm considering about arranging the stories and redraw the comics for school... maybe... or even for my future career, who knows? I miss this old time, I just can't do it anymore :'/ I'm too busy with anything...


I love to make people laugh with silly pics XD I love to transcribe stupid feelings or faces (that I imagined or did in a mirror) that would make anyone laugh for sure. Remember that pic of demon!Lovi nesting I did last year? Nesting Demon!Lovino by x-Lilou-chan-x THAT'S IT.

Now the things that usually upset me real quick... You know, that moment when you specifically explain in a description or a journal that people are not allowed to use your work, no matter what? And they still do it, or try to smooth it and ask for a "special permission".

HELL NO...?! Why would I allow you and only you ? Especially when I don't even know who you are! NOPE.NOPE.NOPE. YOU.CAN'T.


Don't even try this with me because it'll only make me want to slap or punch you... whether you're 14 or 26. And I shouldn't even have to justify myself, this is my art. NO means NO.

Not sure if

Do you know that feeling... when you took the time to create a blog for your pics, you share them on here, and people still find a way to share it from somewhere else, oh and while they're at it, they edit or modify your pic before adding comments that are just annoying you to no end... Why are you doing that? Why? Can't you respect the artist and get the hell away?

There are some things that make me hate being an artist, because of my father... He's not mean or something but... He's annoying, he's always on my back, criticizing my art while I didn't ask for it... Well, papa... Shut up please. You don't have the right to talk to me like this, really... Just look at the pic and that's all, try to understand the messages in it instead of telling me I should have done this and that, or add a few things on this, remove or move that. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S ALREADY PRINTED. Seriously papa... x'D and after that he always wonders why I don't show him my works...

But I think the saddest thing about being an artist is when your relative are on your back... It upsets me the most is when my father keeps asking me to draw things for his colleagues... How about no? o_o I don't have the time for this dammit!! I don't want to do that. GOT IT MEMORIZED? You can't just tell them I'll draw this enormous thing they dream of, come at me when you get back from work, and scold me when I refuse... 

You can't. Don't do that... And please stop saying "I'll remember this...!!" because, firstly, it sounds like a threat, I hate it, and secondly, you actually DON'T remember as you ask me the same thing for all your "new friends" once in a while... That's ridiculous x')

aint got time

I don't think people like my father actually realize how long it may take to draw a simple work... Unless it's just a little sketch and I'm inspired, I can do it in 5-10 min. But COME ON ! Don't tell them I'll paint some Star Wars (no offence, I love Star Wars) pic on a canvas while I don't technically know how to paint! I feel terrible when you're angry at me while it's your fault... =_= Yes I'm an artist, yes I can draw, ON COMPUTERS. I mainly draw digital stuff, and once in a while I can try again with my ink and markers, but I DO NOT PAINT ON CANVAS. Stop telling me to do things when I never tried them, especially if I don't even have the material...!

You may think my father is annoying (he is... xD) but it's actually his way of showing how proud he is of me and my art. But he doesn't
do it well... X"D

Well, it's not like those fake "friends" who just talk to you and make you feel good enough so you'll draw anything for them for free.
I mean, REALLY? You are such dicks for doing this! You pathetic hypocrites! If you want a pic, just pay for it! It won't harm you.


Can I tell you one more thing about why I sometimes hate being an artist...?

Because some people think it's not worth paying for it.

This is a work like any other. Let's compare my "work" to another one, shall we?



Oh... Did it disturb you? I didn't mean to. U_U But...
Seriously, think about it. Millions of people are ready to pay for this. They are paying thousands of Dollar$ just to watch some other people PRETEND to do things (for the R16). They are so happy to watch men and women humping each others. They pay to get access on their sites.

And then they whine for a picture.

dont wanna live on this planet

Aaaaanyway, that's all I had to say tonight :XD: it's been a while since I posted something like this...! December is coming, I'm so excited and nervous xD I'm going back to highschool to meet the new students and show them my stuff and advise them. I feel like a teacheeeeeer omg~~!!

I'm kind of busy but I'll try to post a few pics soon :) :heart:
Hope this made you laugh a bit and realize a few things :XD: :iconimhappiestplz:

Happy Thanksgiving~ (we don't celebrate it in France so... I don't know haha)
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